Stone-Castle, Saldanha, offers the hospitality and comfort of the
Olde-Worlde. No castle is complete without towers, and Stone-Castle
offers guests a chance to experience a stay in one of the tower bedrooms.

The rooms, from the luxurious to the quaint, are furnished with heavy, hand-carved beds, cupboards and dressers. The rooms all have the necessary requirements; a shower, olde-style basin and toilet, TV's, coffee table with kettle and an assortment of teas and coffee, and fantastic views over Saldanha Bay.

Between the towers, on the roof of the castle, is a large entertainment area, where guests can enjoy drinks and a barbeque under the sun, with a most spectacular view over the entire bay.

The kitchen boils and steams with aromas of foods being prepared on the ancient cast-iron stove. The Great Dining Hall comfortably seats 50 people. Dinner is a grandiose affair, and after-dinner drinks are enjoyed around a magnificent fireplace. The Castle has its own collection of books and a comfortable lounge, with sea view, in which to read and relax. A study with a large desk of hand-carved oak provides guests with internet access.

Secure parking available.

Stone-Castle is the best way to enjoy the tranquillity of Saldanha in an Olde-Worlde surrounding.

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